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We've been helping people change their lives in our Main St. offices since 2001. Hypnosis is a fantastic way to create rapid changes in your life. Click on a category to see more info:
Private Sessions
Clients have great success with our Smoking Cessation Program and we back up our program with a guarantee. Click on the image above to read an article about our smoking cessation program.

We offer our extremely effective 4-session Weight Loss Program that will have you noticing changes after the first session.

Our 4-session Stress Management Program gives you the tools to deal with the stress you experience everyday, so that you can call upon a calm, controlled feeling even in your most hectic of days.

Others issues that we have experience dealing with include modifying habits, building confidence, removing fears, improving performance, and many others.
Group Sessions
Two or more people count as a group! Perfect for couples, friends, or coworkers who want to work on an issue together. And groups can be a lot of fun!
We offer small workshops on topics such as Self Hypnosis, Introduction to Hypnosis, or Lose Weight with Hypnosis. The small group setting allows for ample attention for all workshop members.
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Change your life now! Products to help you transform your life.
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Certified member, National Guild of Hypnotists Control Your Weight Now!
This exciting program will help reinforce healthy eating patterns, break-up old associations that you may have had for comfort food, and increase your desire to exercise, if you also want to do that. Exercise is not essential, however, to losing weight.
Only $49.95!
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"I successfully quit smoking over two years ago with Joe. Recently I forced myself to start again, thinking I would be able to control the habit. It escalated, of course. I called Joe and he saw me within a week, free of charge [the stop-smoking program includes a service guarantee]. I am now free of smoking again and will remain free. Thank you, Joe Sweeney!"
D. Theodore
Powerful Self-Hypnosis Program
Control Your Weight Now