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Frequently Asked Questions

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Some common questions....

1. What is hypnosis? How does it work?
Did you know that you've already entered hypnosis many times in your life? For instance, have you ever become lost in your thoughts while driving or walking? Suddenly you're home and you can't remember how you got there! In that situation, you've experienced hypnosis and one form of hypnotic phenomena--time distortion. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state for humans.

In general, when in hypnosis a person allows their conscious mind to recede and their subconscious mind to come to the forefront. This allows the hypnotist to address the subconscious mind more directly and secure changes more rapidly.

2. What are some common uses?
Well, people frequently use hypnosis to reduce stress, stop smoking, build confidence, reframe the past, control weight, eliminate fears, and improve performance.

3. Does a person in hypnosis lose consciousness?
NO! Hypnosis is an altered, natural state of consciousness. The person does not lose consciousness nor are they asleep. The client hears everything as they would normally.

4. Do you "surrender control" when you are in hypnosis?
No. A person in hypnosis always maintains control and can come out of hypnosis whenever they desire. A person in hypnosis is always aware of what they are saying or doing and maintains control over those things.

5. Does hypnosis feel strange?
Actually there really is no particular different feeling when in hypnosis, but generally it is a state of pleasant relaxation combined with increased mental alertness.
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